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Corporate WiFi

Staff teams are no longer tied to their desks, they spend time dynamically working in small groups, they hot desk and they even work on beanbags (if you are lucky enough to work for a tech giant). 

Whilst there will always be working environments where traditional fixed workstations remain appropriate, I.T. teams are now obliged to consider wireless as a primary connection. Most organisations have WiFi, but in many cases it’s been architected for different times; wireless was for ad-hoc users, visitors and perhaps the Directors’ iPads, not the whole office. Unless wireless has evolved too, it will not now be fit for purpose. 

Wireless technologies have developed to provide seamless coverage and sufficient capacity to handle the modern working office, however the planning, survey and configuration requirements have become more involved and this is where we can assist. Our business grade broadband products cater for a range of business sizes and budgets. Whether you’re after a basic ADSL connection or want to invest in one of our super-fast fibre broadband solutions, our best business broadband offers will give you great value for money.


Wireless Capacity 

Slow WiFi speed is one of the first indicators that your network could be suffering capacity issues. If you have too many devices trying to access the same Access Point the resulting congestion slows the experience for all – it’s not unlike rush-hour traffic on the roads! Seeing a wireless signal is no longer an indicator of good wireless. 

We plan networks to account for likely capacity, building in to the design the throughput each device needs to function correctly. Planning wireless infrastructure like this means that, even as the office gets busy, users will still be able to function effectively.


Professional Survey and Troubleshooting

Understanding your environment is critical to achieving good wireless service. Signal degrades considerably through walls, bounces off hard surface and is absorbed by people and furniture. What’s more, in many offices, interference from close by businesses can impact, as can local construction works, proximity to airports etc. 

High quality survey tools allow you to build a picture on your environment, either for fresh installations or when troubleshooting existing. Our team use industry leading Ekahau software and hardware tools to plan, verify and fix wireless networks. This detailed information is then used to plot and predict wireless behaviour, reducing issues and ensuring performance.



Coverage and capacity sorted, authentication comes next. Organisations need to ensure staff has access to all networked facilities securely, in the same way they would if plugged in to a network cable. At the same time visitors need to be restricted from confidential areas, but provided appropriate access to, for example Internet Access and AV systems. We assist business to understand the authentication options and build accordingly. 

Multi-tenanted environments are growing in popularity. The team help a number of organisations run secure, yet separated networks for business centres, co-working spaces, hotels etc.

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