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Voice/Data Usage Cap Disclaimer 

We are pleased to confirm that your request for a cap on your business mobile estate is in the process of being activated as requested 
Please note that certain situations fall outside the agreed alert limit which are outside the control of Delta 365 Limited and the UK operating networks. These situations include:
Long data sessions – Charges for data sessions are not processed through to the network until after the session has ended. This means although at the beginning of the session you may have been within the specified allowance, by the time the session ends you may have exceeded the allowance, as the network will not allow a session to terminate mid term. This may result in a requested alert limit being exceeded. 

International voice and data usage – Voice and data usage charges can take 72 hours to reach the UK network billing platform from certain international destinations. Therefore, in certain situation although an alert limit may have been reached, additional charges may be applied from international usage once they reach the UK billing platform and are allocated to the relevant account. 

Late landing data – Very occasionally, the mobile networks can submit ‘late landing’ call charge data that was not processed within the correct billing period. Where this is the case the charges are applied retrospectively on the next bill with a full breakdown and itemisation of each charge in line with Ofcom regulations. Due to the nature of the data processing, this may result in charges that exceed the requested alert limit. 

Should any one or a combination of the above circumstances occur than your company will be liable for the charges accordingly.

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