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Proactive, fully Managed IT Support Services

Here at Delta 365, we offer trusted Managed IT consultancy, ranging from business premises relocation and physical hardware, to cybersecurity auditing and cloud infrastructure. As your IT partner, we provide total IT support and provide the necessary guidance to optimise your business’ IT infrastructure.


How can an MSP benefit my business?

Put simply, an MSP (Managed Service Provider) is here to help – catering to all your IT needs. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, we secure your IT systems, protecting your business’ operations and reputation. With the help of an MSP, you can also make financial savings; following an initial business audit, we advise on IT investment and look for ways to save our clients both time and money.

As a company we believe that prevention is always better than cure, which is why we offer unlimited onsite support until issue resolution is achieved. This means your costs are capped and our team are motivated to install robust systems and resolve issues fast.

Fully Managed IT Support
– Giving you peace of mind

Our IT support services are specific to every customer’s needs. We’ll build a tailored solution to suit your specific needs from a range of services that include full desktop support, hardware management, email services, data recovery and backup, networks, security, and general IT support.

Enjoy these benefits from your Managed IT Support Provider:

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A new IT department. We can handle everything IT-related for you – no exceptions – freeing up time for your people to do what they do best.

Quick fixes to common IT problems. Never let work grind to a halt over tricky IT problems. Get a response instantly – so your people can get back to work.


Dedicated account management. Maintaining a list of vendors for every IT-related equipment is a tall order for many businesses. Fortunately, managed solutions providers handle hardware and software vendors, so you never have to engage in complicated, technical conversations .

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Unlimited support with fast SLAs. We pride ourselves on our technical competence and have a talented, experienced team that sees the big picture and takes a business-first approach to deliver your needs and aspirations. Our role is to provide you with the right technology solutions and IT Support.

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Think of us as your own IT department

Our Managed IT support approach is all about being proactive. We’ll anticipate and predict your IT problems, as opposed to reacting to issues after they’ve occurred. 

With Delta 365 as your IT support provider, your technology will be constantly maintained to keep it in optimum condition. This is far more efficient than fixing things after they’ve broken down, which is known as a break/fix approach.

The result? You gain increased security, productivity and return on your technology investments – along with peace of mind that your systems are being monitored and maintained by our team of dedicated business IT support experts. 


Call us today to discuss your business requirements on:

020 4599 1365

Why bring in a specialist for your IT support? 

We can work with you to optimise your systems, automate business processes and implement new efficiencies. Our goal is to help you increase productivity, improve your security posture and minimise your IT spend. 

Proactive system monitoring

We proactively monitor your systems, rooting out issues and fixing them before your day-to-day activities are impacted.

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Personable and jargon-free

Always put your business needs first and communicate in a way that everyone understands.

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Our flat-rate IT plan allows you to manage your budget responsibly without unexpected costs.


Reduced downtime

We’ll monitor your IT estate to quickly spot and fix issues before you even realise they’re there.

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Disaster Recovery

Keep your business running with business continuity and disaster recovery plan for when the unthinkable happens, and the business communication systems are brought down? 

Delta 365 deploy all on site and off site solutions with disaster recovery options. We can manage connectivity, network and server resilience across your IT and telephony systems.

Resiliency options include:

  • Hosted IP phone systems

  • Inbound number rerouting

  • Resilient internet access

  • Hosted server solutions

  • Managed backup and site recovery  

Speak to us about making your infrastructure resilient.

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Focus on your job while we support your team and your infrastructure

Rest assured that those repetitive issues and recurring distractions are gone for good. Leave the

day-to-day IT support to our team while you focus on more strategic activities.

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