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Roam Like At Home  

You will already be aware that from 15th June 2017, your mobile usage in Europe* is treated the same as if you are in the UK, giving you access to your minutes, SMS & Data at no extra charge. This is a huge benefit and reduces the financial worries that have historically caused issues and bill shock. However, it is important to bear in mind the fair usage policies and data policies applied by the networks. For example; if you spend more time abroad than in the UK over a four month period, and /or your roaming exceeds your domestic use, charges may apply and this may also result in immediate disconnection without prior warning which is in line with the network operators policies. If you or your colleagues are planning on spending any lengthy periods abroad, or if you have any queries relating to Roam Like at Home, do not hesitate to contact our Mobile Support Team at for advice. *Please note there are some exemptions as countries within the included areas can be changed at any time.

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