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The big switch off 

Find out more about how to make the switch from ISDN, your options on switching and more information on how this switch has many more benefits than simply not being on legacy tech.

Be prepared for the 2025 switch off by downloading our FREE guide

We know. You’re bored of this topic by now. Everyone’s been talking about it for far too long and it’s still a couple of years away, right?

Unfortunately, no, that’s where a lot of the information shared is wrong. Although the final switch off is planned for 2025, there’s a much more important deadline looming and it’s just six months away. From September 2023, anyone using ISDN or PSTN services will no longer be able to add to, enhance, or change their current system.

Every single area of the UK will stop selling ISDN and PSTN services by September 2023 – so this is the date you need to focus on.

Now, if you don’t have any ISDN or PSTN services then you’re right to be bored – stop reading now.  But if you do, then it’s very important that you do something about it, starting with downloading our comprehensive guide.


So, in a nutshell

– If you’ve got ISDN lines, then you need to act now
– Understand the options and benefits
– Read our comprehensive guide for more information 
– Find a partner you can trust to help advise and guide you
– Make the change and start reaping the benefits


If you’d like to talk through your ISDN requirements or any technology change that you’re considering, please get in touch on 020 4599 1365 or email and we’ll work together to find the right solution for both you and your team.

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Thank you.

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