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15 Best Microsoft Office 365 Tips and Tricks

Office 365 integrates your Microsoft apps and services so that your business can grow in a collaborative, seamless way — no matter where your employees are based. The apps and services included in your business’s subscription of Office 365 depend on the plan you choose, but can you rest easy knowing that you’ll get automatic monthly updates so you never miss the best features and security settings of Office 365.

If you're a business using Microsoft 365, we have some fantastic tips and tricks to help you make the most of its incredible features. Whether you're a seasoned user or new to the platform, these insights will elevate your productivity and efficiency to new heights. These 30 Microsoft Office 365 tips and tricks will get your employees on board — excited, even — about the benefits of Office 365 and push them to use each program to its full potential. Focusing beyond PowerPoint and Word, these Office 365 tips and tricks will give you insights on how you can manage your business better using the entire Office 365 suite. Outlook tips, Teams tips, SharePoint tips, and OneDrive tips are just some of the topics we’re about to delve into.Let's dive in and discover how Delta 365 can supercharge your Microsoft 365 experience!

1. Use productivity tools on any device

With Office 365, a subscriber can stay focused and in touch from any location. Mobile phones and tablets are often compatible with Office 365, enabling the editing of documents, visuals, watching presentations, etc.

User can stay connected by Teams when out of the office. If the company purchases a Business premium for Office 365, users will also have access to all the available apps.

The organisation will enjoy a smooth workflow as employees connect through Office 365.

2. SharePoint’s Alert Me function

Ever spent way too much time manually checking a file for updates? Or have you been reading from a file mid meeting only to realise it had been updated since you last went over it? These are avoidable productivity and accountability workplace hurdles. If you activate SharePoint’s Alert Me function, you’ll be automatically emailed or texted when changes are made to a file or library. This is one of our favourite Office 365 tips and tricks to increase the accessibility of changes to files across all staff member’s devices.

3. Add expiry links and passwords to sensitive files

Another tip for Office 365 is adding expiry links and passwords to files. If you want to secure and share confidential information with team members, it’s useful to add an expiry link to your file.

An expiry link allows you to add a date and time to the link that you’re sharing, with the implication that the link will not be available after that specified time. You can also add a password to your link when sharing a confidential file, so it will be secure for viewing by only specified parties.

4. Microsoft 365 Mobile Apps: Stay productive, collaborate, and make real-time updates, no matter where you are. Enhance your efficiency during business trips and remote work. Stay productive, collaborate, and make real-time updates, no matter where you are. Enhance your efficiency during business trips and remote work on the go with Microsoft 365 mobile apps, allowing quick access to documents and emails for both short and long-term needs.

5. Recall an email after pressing send

At some point, we’ve all hit Send only to realise the email was sent to the wrong person, was missing an attachment, or had errors. An absolute favourite of our Office 365 tips and tricks is the ability to get that email back before it’s seen by the recipient.

6. Collaborate effectively with chat and video Integration

Microsoft 365 streamlines communication by integrating Microsoft Teams' chat and video functionalities. Stay connected with your team, schedule meetings, and collaborate effortlessly within the same workspace.

8. OneDrive Sync: Keep your files synchronized across devices with OneDrive, ensuring accessibility and consistency in both short and long-term tasks.

9. Supercharge document management with version control

Take advantage of Microsoft 365's version control feature to track changes and manage document versions. Say goodbye to confusion caused by multiple file versions and ensure everyone is working on the latest update.

10. Dictate in Microsoft 365: Save time on content creation by using the Dictate feature, allowing you to transcribe spoken words into text for both short and long-term writing.

11. Don’t spend money on a template

Due to time and talent constraints, many users use templates to create an impressive presentation. Buying a template can, however, be a huge waste of time and money, and make for less efficient SharePoint experiences.

SharePoint makes it so easy to just create your template as per your criteria. These templates are prebuilt and designed around a particular business need. You can easily customise a presentation that’s just right for you on your SharePoint site.

12. Bookmarking content

Do you ever find yourself endlessly scrolling in a chat as you try and locate a message from a month ago? Listen to this Teams tip and you’ll no longer have to waste your time and effort! The bookmark feature is an office-favourite Office 365 tips and tricks function that lets you flag or save important items from your chats.

13. Use connectors to keep up to date

Connectors let you keep updated on your frequently-used programs that are separate from the Office 365 suite. Some popular connectors used in businesses are Twitter, Facebook, Bing News, and Trello, but there are so many more, too! Using connectors will stream information into your selected channels and populate it in your conversation tab. The result? A dynamic feed and an in-sync team.

14. Learn the keyboard shortcuts

There is a list on Microsoft of all the Excel shortcuts, which can provide useful time-savers for users of Excel. Shortcuts can be a huge benefit.

Shortcuts can be useful for employees who have limited mobility and/or are visually impaired as they’re not dependent on the use of a mouse. With the use of shortcuts, you can become a speed master and immediate fan of Excel.

15. Keep track of your Subscriptions

Keeping track of your subscription for Office 365 is a necessary part of the management team. If an employee leaves, transfer their office 365 license to the new employee who is taking their position. Assigning this current subscription to new staff will save money.

Remember if you make a mistake and need to reactivate an account, it can be restored within 30 days.

Untap the potential of your business, your teams within it, and each individual employee, by fully utilising the Office 365 tips and tricks you’re learnt so far. Teams tips, SharePoint tips, OneDrive tips, and Office tips can help you get that much more out of your Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft claims that ‘on average, a small business can reduce the time spent on decision making by 17% by storing and managing critical organisational documents in a reliable, central location in the cloud. This is testament to the incredible functionality of Office 365 within the workplace.

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