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Why you should book your Business Telecom Audit now!

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

If you haven’t had a professional audit of your telecom services in the last 18 months, there is a very high chance that you’re paying too much – and you won’t be taking advantage of the latest technologies like Hosted Telephony.

Delta 365 will provide a free audit of your telecoms services that will help you answer the questions below and many more besides:

  • How much am I paying for my calls?

  • Am I paying for lines I’m not using?

  • Can I make savings on my phone bill?

  • Is Hosted VoIP right for my business?

  • Is there a solution that allows me to work from home and the office?

  • How can I get the latest call features?

  • What can I do to improve my business’s ability to recover from a fire, flood, power or service outage?

  • Am I compliant if I take card payments over the phone?

  • How can I record calls cost-effectively and are there any legal considerations in doing so?

But that’s not all, we will:

  • Demonstrate the benefits of Hosted VoIP

  • Advise on your voice & data connectivity

  • Save money on your IT & telecoms costs

  • Help you select the ideal solution

  • Improve and streamline your network

  • Project manage the entire process

How the complimentary Business Telecom Audit works:

We’ll look at your voice, data and wireless services. We listen to your requirements, explain how the new technologies can benefit your organisation and provide one proposal that is ideal for your needs. Our aim is to reduce your telecom costs, improve your communications and provide overall telecom project management. The benefit of using an independent telecom specialist comes from our unbiased advice and wealth of expertise and experience along with partnerships with some of the leading names in telephony and communications worldwide.

If you want to join our growing list of customers who have experienced a cost reduction and increases in efficiencies following an audit by Delta 365, get in touch with our experts today to book your FREE Business Telecom Audit.

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