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Helping schools and education businesses get connected.

Communication within the education sector is essential. Whether it’s between colleagues, teachers and students, or teachers and parents, an accessible line of communication without interruption or adding to staff workloads is invaluable.

It is now recognised that there are many areas of communication that needs to be considered if a solution is to completely meet the ever-growing list of requirements.

It is our view that in the education sector, telephone systems need to be more than just that - they need to act as a Communications Platform. They should be able to offer full and seamless access between the School, its students, their parents, the School's service suppliers and the emergency services, should they be needed. The system must provide one-to-one and at the same time one-to-many communication options.

Delta 365 have a wide range of voice solutions that either enhance, or if necessary replace your current phone system, enabling you to deliver the services you need, exactly as you wish to, with ease.

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