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Case Study


About Strade

STRADE is SR Technics’ wholly owned subsidiary for component services, created in 2021 to serve the aviation community. As an independent unit and entrepreneurship venture they manage a multi million rotable asset base through 24/7 worldwide support to airlines, MROs and trade partners so they need to have reliable technology which provides failover and resiliency should anything go wrong IT or Telecom related.

At a glance
  • Need for complete overhaul of IT provision

  • Needed everything completed in a short period of time

  • Cost efficiency

  • Faster and more stable connection speeds

  • Downtime reduced significantly

  • Built in disaster recovery

The Challenge 

Due to many changes within the business, Strade required a whole new IT and telecoms set up that was both efficient and cost effective.

Before our IT and telecom contracts were moved over to Delta 365 we had multiple contracts with various providers and as an organisation were running our entire connectivity infrastructure off a couple of 4G data SIMs which weren’t reliable at all.

The Solution 

Delta 365 provided a range of IT solutions, including hardware and software to help them work efficiently together and facilitate productivity. Delta 365 provided hosted desktops, which ensured a better working environment for the team and facilitated a remote working model that was more effective.


Finally, Delta 365 were responsible for the provision of brand new software and hardware, including laptops with docking stations and twin screens for every user, in order to support effective productivity, both in the office and whilst working from home, as well as the installation projects required to implement these solutions.

The Result 

Strade are able to take advantage of a wealth of new technology that has helped them to work securely and productively, even when working away from the office. Downtime is rare and, if it does occur, the impact is limited. Faster speeds and stable connections allow the team to effectively meet their clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. 


The team at Strade praised Delta 365 for their high quality service, prompt delivery and fair cost for the services provided.

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"The team at Delta 365 are not only very professional and knowledgeable, but also super friendly and approachable. You can pick up the phone and speak to someone any time and it never feels like too much trouble".


Where are they now 

"We have been with Delta 365 for over 3 years now and we would not hesitate to recommend the team there for anything IT or Telecoms


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