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3 Vital steps to save your business from the looming ISDN deadline!

Updated: Feb 13

Are you weary of the constant chatter? We hear you. Discussions surrounding the ISDN switch-off may have lingered, leaving many feeling fatigued. But let's confront the truth – the switch-off isn't a far-off event in 2025. Time is of the essence, and the clock is ticking. So, what's your next move?

Grasp your options: SIP Trunking or Cloud Telephony

As the clock ticks, you've got choices to make. Two prominent alternatives are SIP Trunking and Cloud Telephony. Both ensure your communications future stays rock-solid. SIP Trunking lets you keep your on-premises PBX and hardware, while Cloud Telephony, also known as VoIP, boasts rapid adoption among businesses. The allure lies in its rich features, seamless integration, and support for flexible work setups. Forget about ISDN's price tag – both options bring significant savings and richer call capabilities.

Present a compelling case for change:

Time's of the essence. Your ISDN service will soon become rigid, a setback you can't afford. But let's dive deeper into why change is imperative:

- Big cost savings by parting ways with ISDN.

- Swift implementation with minimal disruption in-house.

- Number porting is typically seamless.

- Embrace an evergreen phone system with Cloud Telephony.

- Adapt to modern work dynamics with flexible cloud solutions.

- Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams and CRM systems for superior collaboration and a stellar customer journey.

Find your trusted transformation partner:

In the maze of phone providers, trust is paramount. Google can only take you so far. Your existing relationships hold promise, or providers who speak your language are worth a look. Gauge their commitment by how well they understand your business, colleagues, and customers before they pitch a product. Demos really shouldn’t be negotiable; different options mean tailored solutions. Never let anyone rush you. The perfect partner awaits, and if they implement before September, you're golden!

To sum it up:

- If ISDN lines grace your setup, now is the time to act.

- Embrace, analyse, and exploit your choices.

- Trust is key – seek a reliable partner like Delta 365 to guide your transition.

- Leap into change and relish the rewards.

Feel a tech talk coming on? Connect with us to discuss your ISDN needs or other tech enquiries. Your transformation starts now, and we're here to amplify your success. Call us on 020 4599 1365 or visit Don't wait – 2025 is just around the corner!

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