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7 Reasons why FTTP is your business's unstoppable connection to success

In today's business landscape, few can underestimate the value of robust internet connectivity. It's become as indispensable as electricity and water, sustaining the very core of operations.

Traditionally, high-speed, reliable internet seemed reserved for larger enterprises willing to pay a premium for dedicated ethernet lines, sometimes costing hundreds per month. That was before the advent of Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). This game-changing technology offers lightning-fast, dependable speeds of up to 1Gbps at affordable rates, empowering businesses of all sizes across the UK.

Momentum is building. The UK Government has pledged 85% nationwide FTTP coverage by 2025 (currently around 27%), propelling an accelerated rollout. If you're fortunate enough to have FTTP availability, seize the advantage promptly and be a step ahead.

Here are seven compelling reasons your business needs FTTP sooner rather than later:

1. Super Speed:

Experience unmatched broadband speeds, up to 1,000 Mbps, with full fibre internet. Contrast this with the average FTTC connection's 42 Mbps – a productivity boost waiting to be harnessed.

2. Rock-Solid Reliability:

Built to withstand the test of time, fibre technology minimises dropouts. Ideal for services demanding unwavering reliability, like cloud voice systems where a dropped call could mean lost revenue or a subpar customer experience.

3. Bandwidth Bliss:

Enhanced speed equates to superior bandwidth, facilitating seamless data and information downloads. More devices and systems can connect simultaneously, vital in today's cloud-centric realm where everything from apps to communications relies on the cloud.

4. Affordability Alignment:

Unlocking lightning-fast internet doesn't have to break the bank. However, it's vital for businesses to discern between consumer and business FTTP, each boasting unique service guarantees.

Picture this: the stakes are higher when your business's operation hinges on seamless connectivity, quite different from a leisurely Netflix binge. The investment in robust internet goes beyond the extra cost – it's a strategic decision that demands careful consideration.

5. Your Personal Pipeline:

FTTP means exactly that – fibre to your premises – a dedicated connection, unshared and unhindered. Your bandwidth remains unchallenged by neighbourly usage, ensuring consistent performance.

6. For the Long Haul:

With FTTC technology retiring as FTTP rolls out, upgrading becomes inevitable. Why delay? By making the switch now, you'll reap the benefits ahead of competitors while fortifying your business for the years to come.

7. Fuelling Productivity:

Above all, internet connectivity fuels collaboration, communication, and growth. Invest millions in cloud technologies but overlook the foundation that sustains them? Don't compromise on connectivity. The availability of FTTP in your area is a chance to strengthen your business's backbone.

The UK's FTTP revolution excites us, unlocking opportunities for businesses large and small. Connect with us at 020 4599 1365 to explore further. We'll verify availability in your region and guide you through your FTTP journey. Let's supercharge your connectivity and fuel your business's success.

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