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Integrate with Microsoft Teams and get ahead of agile working

An agile organisation requires a high level of collaboration and flexibility which leads to an open and persistent communication. At its core Microsoft Teams is a software platform that provides a single space to share information and work together. It is an excellent tool when it comes to collaboration and communication. It allows team members to plan, track, release, and report with a high level of execution.

Collaboration with people

Microsoft eliminates nearly all difficulties related to interaction. It focuses on giving users the full authorisation to access and co-work on their files from anywhere. Users can share files with teammates or even with people outside the project. The advanced chat and channel features which allowed interacting with stakeholders. These and so many more features, make Teams the perfect solution for collaboration. It’s perfect both for working on the same project from inside and outside the organisation.

Microsoft Teams has mastered the art of agile organisation processing. It provides its users with all the required tools to help organisations:

– Develop their agile practices,

– Go after their goals, and

– Drive successful business outcomes.


Microsoft Teams offers perfect tools for brainstorming in real time. Teammates who work remotely from different locations can get together via a virtual meeting. There are also other communication tools and utilities to simplify the process and make it efficient for everyone.

  • Using Whiteboard in Teams allows users to write down notes, communicate with each other, and conclude results. Teams made it even more efficient than having everyone sit in the same room and communicate face to face.

  • Mind mapping has also been implemented in Microsoft Teams. It enables collaborative editing of the mind maps right inside the channel with other team members in the chat. In addition to this solution, you can integrate Teams with third-party mind mapping tools.

Comprehensive sharing

Teams isn’t just a simple public drive where everyone can drop their files along with being a meeting and chat app. Having SharePoint as its backbone turned it into a powerful efficient portal for managing files and sharing across projects. It allows users to share files in a one-on-one chat, a group chat, or a team channel. In Microsoft Teams, users can share and access different files from a single location.

Sharing your file in Microsoft Teams will bring it under the spotlight and trigger other team members to review and edit collaborative content. Once files are shared you can then co-work on them within a real-time chat more efficiently and accurately.

So now you know all about the potential of strengthening collaboration within your business, why not switch on the power of Teams? Get in touch with the team at Delta for more on Teams.

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