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Is your office phone system due for an upgrade? Here's how to tell

As your company grows, it's natural for your phone system to feel the strain. This becomes especially apparent during rapid expansion, where increased call volumes can overload the network, leading to missed or improperly routed calls. Such scenarios can dent your revenue and undermine customer service quality.

If this scenario strikes a chord, it's probably time to consider an upgrade for your office phone system. Let's explore what you need to keep an eye out for in your new business telecoms platform.

Flexibility is Key

In the world of business, growth is the name of the game. Hence, your phone network should be able to seamlessly scale alongside your progress. A new phone system should perform admirably whether it's handling 10 calls or a whopping 100 in a day.

Embrace the Work-from-Home Reality

Working from home is no longer the exception; it's a norm that's here to stay. For businesses embracing hybrid models with team members at home and in the office, a telecoms system facilitating effortless collaboration is crucial. Enter the hosted VoIP platform, a cloud-based infrastructure that ensures consistent performance no matter where you connect from.

Connect with Video Calling

Video calls have become second nature in our daily lives. Businesses leveraging this trend establish personal connections more easily. While many legacy systems lack video support, even affordable cloud-hosted VoIP platforms seamlessly integrate this feature.

Always On, Even After Hours

Missing customer calls beyond office hours is a no-go. An auto assistant, or virtual receptionist, maintains professionalism by redirecting calls or presenting callers with options, ensuring you never miss a potential sale.

Simplify Call Routing

Complex extensions and automated prompts? Not anymore. Modern automated call routing systems transfer callers instantly to the right department, sparing them unnecessary hassle.

Cost Reduction Made Simple

Are phone bills draining your budget? Switching to cloud-hosted VoIP is a cost-effective remedy. On-premises systems can be costly to maintain, but a cloud solution offers substantial savings, especially for international calls and scalability.

Act Now for a Future-Proof Solution

Change is inevitable. By 2025, BT plans to retire existing analogue phone circuits. Staying ahead of the curve by transitioning to hosted cloud telecoms now ensures a seamless switch without last-minute panic.

📞 Ready for a Transition? Talk to Our Experts

Whether you're ready to switch or simply curious about available business telecoms solutions, our team at Delta 365 is here to guide you. We've helped businesses of all sizes revolutionise their communication, boost efficiency, and save money. Reach out to us today and step into a new era of telecom excellence!

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