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Relocation, Relocation, Relocation - Your IT Checklist

Navigating an office relocation can be a lot to handle, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Whether you're expanding or downsizing, it's an opportunity to reassess your needs.

We recognise the significance of even the smallest details. Our guidance ensures you make informed decisions, from choosing the right specifications to configuring wireless broadband and telecoms systems. We'll help you avoid last-minute issues, ensuring a smooth transition while keeping your business running seamlessly.

Here are our top-tips for a smooth relocation:

Plan ahead: Avoid service gaps by notifying your internet service provider early. Lead times vary: at least one month for telephone, 6-8 weeks for broadband, and 12 weeks for fibre leased lines.

Research before moving: Investigate the existing setup at your new office. Check guaranteed speeds or run a speed test. Ensure your new location supports the broadband connection you need.

Site survey: Hire an engineer to survey your new office. Understand the cabling setup for informed decisions before implementation.

Consider cloud-based telephony: Embrace modern options like VoIP or SIP, allowing scalable solutions without physical line hassles. With Openreach discontinuing PSTN and ISDN by 2025, its worth switching sooner rather than later.

Keeping your telephone number: Cloud-based systems enable you to keep your contact numbers, regardless of your geographical location. No need to worry about changing numbers with each move.

Bespoke solution vs. self-installation: Opting for a managed move by a reliable ISP is recommended. Avoid potential issues by letting technical specialists handle your broadband and phone systems.

Finding the right provider: Delta 365 is here to support your relocation needs. From VoIP and SIP systems to enterprise-level broadband solutions, our qualified engineers ensure a cost-effective and tailored solution for your new office.

Get in touch to explore our services and make your office move hassle-free!

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