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Stop Sell Explained

What is a stop sell? And what does it means for ISDN customers

If you're a business that relies on Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) services, you may have heard about the UK Stop Sell. Stop sell is a term used by BT Openreach to describe an area where it has stopped the sale of certain products. This is part of the transitional process as we move closer to the December 2025 deadline of the Big Switch Off. If a product is affected by stop sell, it won’t just impact the sale of new supply but will also restrict current WLR services.

However, stop sell is different to a product withdrawal. Any customer within a stop sell area can continue to use the product until it is eventually withdrawn. Therefore, business which use ISDN or analogue lines will need to migrate to SIP Trunking or VoIP solutions. Here's what you need to know about the UK Stop Sell and what it means for your business.

So how does an exchange become stop sell?

There are actually two ways. The first is through the FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) Priority Exchange programme. As an exchange reaches a high level of fibre coverage, agreed with Ofcom as 75%, it becomes an FTTP Priority Exchange and stop sell kicks in.

The second method is WLR (Wholesale Line Rental) withdrawal; basically a blanket stop sell being applied to the whole country. This will occur in September 2023 and is definitely something every company should be aware of, as it obviously precedes the 2025 Switch Off date.

It’s also worth noting that there are potentially other events which could trigger stop sell. For example, in the event of a major equipment failure, it wouldn’t be unheard of for an exchange to convert to stop sell as replacement parts may only support all IP technology.

What should you do if you're affected by the UK Stop Sell?

Firstly, don’t worry! The rollout of full fibre will transform business communications across the UK and it’s expected to boost productivity by £59 billion every year.

If you're a new customer looking for a telephony solution in an area affected by the UK Stop Sell, it's important to explore your options. Consider the alternatives to ISDN, such as VoIP and SIP trunking. Our experts will happily give you advice on what the process will be and what your business needs to do to ensure it’s ready.

If you're an existing ISDN customer, you can continue to use your service as normal. However, it's worth considering the alternatives to ISDN and the many benefits they will bring to your business.

Why should I act now?

To get in before stop sell happens in your area. The longer you leave it, the more it’s going to cost you, and the more it’s going to impact your business. That’s the message we’re really trying to get out there: act now and and be more in control of your future.

Technically, the Big Switch Off doesn’t start in December 2025; that’s really the finishing line. Even the UK-wide stop sell in September 2023 isn’t a safe cut-off point. Make no mistake, this is a gradual roll-out creeping across the country to move everyone away from outdated technology. There are already over 711 exchanges on stop sell, with thousands more expected in the coming months. It will just accelerate until the national stop sell.

Imagine it as cliff edge you’re slowly being herded towards. One way or another, you’re going to have to jump. Acting now means that you can prepare for migration in the best way possible, rather than being pushed off the edge unprepared and into the unknown.

Contact us now and we’ll guide you through the Big Switch Off and into the future-proof Cloud.

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