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Unlocking the secrets of tech talk: Your guide to understanding jargon- Industry Terms

Telecom jargon, are you ready to meet your match? In the third part of our blog series, we're like your friendly neighbourhood superheroes, swooping in to demystify the baffling world of some of the most common yet confusing Telecoms Industry Terms.

Ever heard of Inbound Call Routing, 4G, Omnichannel, VPL, LLU, API, Number Porting, Cloud Mobile, VPN - these are the puzzle pieces of modern telecommunications. Understanding them can help you navigate this digital landscape with ease. Let’s break down these terms one by one and uncover the hidden gems of telecom knowledge.

General Telecoms Industry Terms

Inbound Call Routing: Think of inbound call routing as a smart phone switchboard. It directs incoming calls to the right person or department within an organisation, ensuring efficient and effective call handling. Whether it's directing your call based on the nature of your inquiry or sending it to the next available representative, inbound call routing enhances customer experience by reducing wait times.

4G: You've heard of 4G, but what is it? It's the fourth generation of mobile network technology, and it means faster internet on your mobile devices. Quicker website loading, seamless streaming, and even high-definition voice and video calls. In a world that's always on the move, 4G keeps you connected.

Omnichannel: Imagine a customer service experience where you can switch between voice calls, text messages, emails, and chats seamlessly. That's omnichannel in telecoms, making customer service personalised and efficient. It's like having a conversation with a business that truly understands your needs.

VPL (Virtual Private LAN Service): VPL is like a private highway connecting your business locations securely. It allows your different sites to communicate and share data as if they were in the same room. Efficient collaboration and faster information exchange are at the heart of VPL.

API (Application Programming Interface): APIs are like waiters in a restaurant, taking orders and delivering food between systems. They allow different software to communicate and share information effortlessly. From weather apps to finance and healthcare, APIs connect the digital world.

Number Porting: Switching your service provider but don't want to change your number? Number porting is the answer. It lets you keep your existing phone number when you switch providers. No need to update all your contacts; it's hassle-free.

Cloud Mobile: Cloud Mobile is like having a magic cloud locker for all your data and apps. You can access them from anywhere with an internet connection. No more worrying about storage space or losing important files. Your digital life is safe and accessible.

VPN (Virtual Private Network): When you use public Wi-Fi, you need protection. A VPN is your shield. It creates a private, secure tunnel for your internet connection, keeping your online activities safe from prying eyes. Whether you're banking or browsing, a VPN has your back.

That's a wrap on our quest to demystify some of the most common telecoms industry terms!

Remember, telecom lingo doesn't have to be a secret code anymore. Feel free to revisit this guide whenever you need a refresher, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have more telecom terms in need of unraveling.

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