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What's new in 2023 for Microsoft Teams

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

The way we work is always changing and we need new ways to remain productive, which means the tools we use must evolve too.

Microsoft 365 is no exception, and we see it consistently being updated to meet consumer needs. Here are some new features for us to get excited about in 2023.

1. Delete Chats

If you use Microsoft Teams, you know that your Chats section can become cluttered as it keeps all chats you have in either 1 to 1 or during meetings.

Well, good news, you can now delete chat, not just your own message but the full chat.

2. An Emoji for Every Situation

You can now more creatively express yourself with emojis in chat with over 800 of them available in Teams, simply use the search function to find the perfect emoticon to express how you feel or react to a colleague’s message.

3. Sign Language View

To improve inclusivity this will keep video feeds of interpreters and other signers in the same location and ensure that signer feeds are the highest quality available in order to appear clearly.

4. Meeting whiteboards

Any meeting in Microsoft Teams can now access a whiteboard.

Here, participants can sketch together and share ideas. Whiteboard sketching comes with different pen colors and graph options for visual collaboration. You can collaborate with meeting participants on Whiteboard via Microsoft Teams. There’s also the option to use the Whiteboard app.

In both apps, you can draw, erase, and share content in real-time. The whiteboard tab is available before or after a meeting.

People without pen or touchscreen access can contribute with typed text.

5. Polling

As a meeting organiser, you can create polls and launch them before, during or after your meeting. The poll will pop up as a notification in the attendee’s meeting chat window. Polls are great to collect general feedback, team check-in information, votes on what to order for lunch or to conduct a short quiz – in real time! Keep your attendees engaged by including polls in your next Teams meeting.

6. 7×7 Large Gallery View

Do you feel limited with the default 3×3 videos on the screen during Microsoft Teams meetings?

Fortunately, there is now an option to automatically view up to 49 videos — 7×7 on the screen — during a meeting.

7. Mesh avatars

Do you know the feeling that you don’t want to show your face on camera but you want to show something that’s you?

The answer to that is Mesh avatars, which are animated versions of yourself:

Mesh avatars are useful for the following scenarios:

  • Make yourself visually present without showing your “real” self

  • Express various gestures and reactions

  • Create multiple versions of yourself for different meetings

Do you want help transitioning your business to Microsoft 365?

The breadth of productivity tools all under the umbrella of Microsoft 365, and the ability to use these tools on a range of devices wherever you are, makes it a very tempting addition to any business’s IT suite but the thought of transitioning to whole new platform can be daunting.

At Delta 365 we understand customers’ concerns about migrating to a new system, so we support you on every step of the way. We help you to identify the right Microsoft 365 package for your business, set-up new accounts and reconfigure new ones in a way that minimises disruption, with no loss of data.

If you would like to talk about what Microsoft 365 could bring to your business and how we can realise its potential to improve your business productivity, then contact us today on 020 4599 1365

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